The Rolls of Honour hung in St Martin's Church, Exning

The beautiful illuminated scrolls on display in St Martin's Church.

Two illuminated Rolls of Honour were re-discovered in the Bell Tower of St Martinís Church, Exning in 2010. They list 290 men from Exning who served in the Great War, not just those who were killed. There is information on the regiment in which they served, their rank, if they were married or single, and where they lived in Exning.
Roll One ( on the left here) was closed on November 14th 1914. This was presented and hung up in Exning Church at Christmas 1914 by George Townsend.
Since then others had joined the Armed Forces and they are on Roll 2, closed on July 31st 1917 and was presented and hung up in Exning Church on August 4th 1917 by George Townsend.

Up to 14th November 1914

from 15th November 1914 to 31st July 1917