This website is an on-going project, but it was felt that a hard copy record should be be available.

With some financial support from Councillor Ben Williams' Forest Heath Community Grant and in collaboration with the
Newmarket Local History Society and support from Exning British Legion a book was produced in time for November 11th 2013.
Copies were given to the various local organisations,
such as Exning Primary School, Newmarket Library, St Martin's Church, Exning and the Suffolk Records Office in Bury St Edmunds.
The remainder of the small print run was quickly sold out in Exning Post Office and Newmarket Library.

A reprint was therefore deemed necessary and that has also sold out. The success of the Exning re-enactment in commemoration of the centenary of the Great War aroused more interest and a further reprint was ordered as a result of the pre-orders and they were very quickly all sold.
Although any quantity can be ordered from the printers, the cost of any run less than 16 is prohibitive so it is unlikely now that more will be available.
Naturally some entries are now out of date as ever more information comes online.
If you really do want to check the book, your best bet is at Newmarket Library now.