COOK {E}, William
believed to be

No.320788, Private, William COOK
Aged 30 ?

15th Battalion, Suffolk Regiment
formerly 43862, Suffolk Regiment
"Soldiers Died" also has No 3037
Killed in Action on Tuesday, 6th November 1917

It is believed this is the soldier, but where he was born or lived is not positively known. Unusually "Soldiers Died in the Great War" gives neither detail.
It is known that his sole legatee was his Aunt, Laura Basham. There was an Anna Laura BASHAM [44] born Wickhambrook, wife of Alfred BASHAM [46] cowman born Poslingford living at Burnt Ash, Stansfield in the 1911 census and with her family were also her mother, widow Judith COOK [87] born Stansfield and an Alfred COOK 66, married farm labourer, born Denston. From that is can be deduced that the following is more than likely:-

1891 census...William Cooke [4] at Giffords, Wickhambrook with his grandfather John COOKE [70] born Depden; his grandmother Judith [67] born Stansfield; his father, widower George Edward Sam COOKE [38] farm labourer, born Denston and brother Herbert [8] born Denston.
George COOKE had been married to Mary Ann BEAVIS (1882)

1901 census...William Cook [14] farm labourer, was at Giffords Cottages, Wickhambrook with his father George (recorded as married); housekeeper Emma CANT, [37] single, born Wickhambrook and her son David [11] and daughter Alice[2] and William's brother Herbert (farm labourer).

1911 census...He was at Bury Road, Wickhambrook with his father and stepmother Emma (née CANT); brother Herbert and stepbrother David CANT and step-sister Alice CANT.

This all a bit tenuous and comments from any surviving relatives would be most welcome. It is also possible he may have been the son of Harriet COOK of Wickhambrook. His birth registration has not been positively identified but could be George William Cook (Risbridge Q4-1886 4A:628),but the mother's maiden name is GYPP. On the other hand there was another William Cook who is recorded as living for 3 census in Denston with his uncle and aunt Samuel and Emma SMITH, except for the fact that the soldier here named his aunt as Laura Basham.

He enlisted in Sudbury.
The "History of the Suffolk Regiment" by Lt Col Murphy says that the 15th Suffolks were part of the 239th and 229th Brigade attack on the trenches and redoubts covering Sheria. Starting at 3 am they were stopped before daylight."B" Coy losing all it's officers. "D" Coy was brought up from Reserve, "A" and "C" moving east of Wadi Union. With support from a machine gun company the attack was resumed, this time taking all objectives. They had orders not to advance further. A considerable number of prisoners had been taken together with a battery on guns taken intact, which the Turks endeavoured to re-take, but unsuccessfully. The battalion were relieved in the evening.
CWGC records give 20 killed that day, all now rest in Beersheba War Cemetery. Only William Cook has no family details given.

photo: Commonwealth War Graves Commission

William Cook is buried in Beersheba War Cemetery, Palestine grave M:70
and believed to be named on Stansfield war memorial

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